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Rail Milling Cheat Sheet

Railway tracks are subjected to constant wear and damage. In order to increase traffic safety, rail service life, and to lower operating costs, rail profiles must be regularly maintained. It is for this reason that rail milling has been a buzz within the industry. But what is rail milling? And how will it affect our…

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Partners and Planning for 2019

This past month, the IRS team met in our Elmhurst, IL headquarters for a few days of product training and strategy planning. Our partners SuperTrak and J.Lanfranco joined us for a day to acquaint us with some of their new product offerings. The second day of this strategy planning was partaking in our yearly group…

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Work Smarter Not Harder: The Tie Replacer SB60

On any worksite there?is always the goal of getting the job done as safely, quickly, and as?cost effectively as possible. But,?when multiple high demand jobs need work simultaneously, it can be hard to prioritize which one of these goals comes first. One of these tough?jobs -tie replacing- has new technology that is simplifying its process…

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The Innovation the Railroad Takes


The railway industry is one that takes dedicated employees and the latest technology to succeed. According to the Association of American Railroads, there are more than 28,000 locomotives, 1.6 million rail cars, and enough rail to circle the earth eight times in the United States alone. Without the newest technology and equipment, it would be…

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