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July Featured Supplier of the Month: Abloy Security

Industry-Railway Suppliers has partnered with Abloy Security for over 50 years to provide the highest quality weather resistant padlocks and door cylinders to the railroad industry. Together, we have been able to take ideas from customers and develop products to meet their specifications. We did this with a bright colored, waterproof cover that slips over a padlock for identifying when a track is out of service. We are driven in our pursuit to discover new growth opportunities, which allows us to continue offering the most innovative product solutions available.

About Abloy Security

Abloy is one of the leading manufacturers of locks, locking systems and architectural hardware and the world's leading developer of products in the field of electromechanical locking technology. The superior mechanical design of Abloy locks has a unique and patented rotating disc technology, providing smooth and reliable functionality in the harshest environments.

Abloy padlocks offers

  • Mechanical life time warranty
  • Bump proof & virtually pick proof design
  • Patented keying systems to protect against the duplication of unauthorized keys
  • 1.9 billion different key codes give users virtually unlimited master keying capabilities
  • Hardened boron steel shackles and hardened steel lock bodies resists cutting & forced entryAbloy Protec2 Cliq, provides the toughness of our traditional mechanical locking systems with the electronic keys and cylinders of Cliq. Cliq technology allows flexible control of keys, access rights and audit trails. The Protec2 Cliq, gives users benefits similar to a traditional card access system without hard wired access panels and readers. If an electronic Cliq key is lost, it can easily be removed electronically from the system. The pre-programmed and wireless locking components also greatly reduce installation costs.

Imagine getting a real time audit report from a padlock on a switch or signal box! Abloy will be introducing the new Bluetooth Online Key the 3rd quarter of 2016. The online key will be activated when used in a Cliq cylinder for instant access approval and audit trails. The audit trail records the date, time and the nature of each event.Protec2 Cliq is managed via a web browser based Cliq Web Manager  software, allowing changes to access rights whenever and wherever required. 

This is a major benefit for geographically dispersed systems. All transfer of data and access rights is encrypted.

With the highest level of mechanical protection available and the ability to use a key similar to an access card, Abloy is changing the way we look at traditional locks!

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