Tool Kits

Rail steel endures an extraordinary amount of wear and tear, even over the course of a relatively short service life; this can cause the surface of the metal to deteriorate rapidly if intervening measures aren’t taken. That is where our grinding and honing kits come into play.

Abrasive tools kits allow railway workers to maintain the rail by smoothing or profiling any corrugations, or by cutting and replacing sections of rail. Given the need for incorporating abrasives as part of regular rail maintenance, it’s no wonder that so many railroad professionals are actively seeking a portable all-in-one grinding or cutting kit for sale.

Equipped with a cordless, battery-operated saw, 2 Norton cut-off wheels and 2 battery packs, our abrasive cut-off tool kit is ideal for small sections of track like switches and crossings, as well as areas that are obstructed by something and require a lightweight, portable cutting solution. Our cordless grinders for sale will make it simple for you to prolong the life of your rail and to engage in industry best practices for maintenance

In addition to abrasive tool kits, Industry-Railway Suppliers sells virtually every other railroad maintenance product industry professionals may need to help finish the job. Our years of experience are evident in our expansive product lineup and our knowledgeable customer service and product support team.

For a compact solution that packs a real punch, purchase your abrasive tool kit, whether it’s a grinding or honing kit, for sale from Industry-Railway Suppliers today.